Board of Directors


Note: Please email for any unlisted emails. BHS-PTSA-Executive-Committee-Members-Roles-and-Responsibilities

Position Name Email

Samantha Winsky
Vice President of Events OPEN
Awards OPEN
Bothell’s Big Bash


(Graduation Celebration)

Joyce Rios
Curriculum Night OPEN  
Diversity Night

Jane Chiodo

Amber Braxton
Hospitality OPEN  
Meetings OPEN  
Nominating Committee  OPEN
Parent Link Night OPEN  
Vice President of Communication Sandy Caron
Cougar Connections Sandy Caron
Social Networks OPEN  
Special Education Representative Michele Holowachuk
Student Directory Karen Fullerton
Video Production OPEN  
Website OPEN
Vice President of Programs Michelle Sealls
BHS Wish List Stephanie Patrick
Emergency Preparedness Tracy Jokisch
Advocacy OPEN  
Reflections Cinda Schmidt
Senior Scholarships Samantha Harris-Winsky & Susan Ginsberg
Staff Appreciation Jennifer Spanton
Volunteer Coordinator OPEN
Vice President of Resources Vahan Bogosian
Business Supporters OPEN
Financial Review OPEN  
Membership Kayleen Kamikawa


Co-chair OPEN
Pass-the-Hat Fundraiser OPEN
Secretary Tricia Woods
Treasurer Marine Sargsyan