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Big Bash Tickets On Sale

• We must sell 100 tickets by July 12 to continue with this party. We will provide a refund by July 20th if we cancel the party (minus the $4 PayPal fee). We will be at 2 different venues!
• It an amazing chance for the class to get together one last time!
• This SENIOR PARTY starts at 6:00 pm on July 29 and lasts until about 2 am the next day. It’s all-inclusive with music, food, live entertainment, games, prizes, and transportation to and from the two event locations (these activities were voted on by the students)!
• Buy your tickets online at
• More information on the event page or please email for questions.
This is the party the students voted on in the fall….so it’s their party, not one the parents decided to do. Everyone should have one or two activities at each venue they would like. Cell phones will be allowed.

Positions open for 2019-2020 PTSA Board

The BHS PTSA has elected Natalie Hanson for VP Of Events for the 2019-2020 Executive Board. We have the following positions still open:
President: OPEN
Secretary: OPEN
VP of Resources: OPEN
VP of Communication: OPEN
VP of Programs: OPEN
 Please email if you would like to hold one of these positions on the board. It’s a great way to get involved at the high school but without as much time as you’d commit in Middle/Elementary school.
We have several Committee Chair positions and would love your help! 
Cougar Connection
Do you love being part of a team?
Do you love helping others??
Have you wondered what being part of the BHS PTSA is really like???
We don’t need a lot of your time but would love a little of your time to check out the listing of BHS PTSA Open Positions 2019-2020 for the 2019-2020 school year and roles and responsibilities on each position.
We are happy to answer any questions or put you in touch with someone on the current board that can.  Please email!
Thanks for your time and consideration.  Go Bothell Cougars!

Golden Acorn and Outstanding Educators Award.

Award Recipients for Outstanding Educator are Coleen Altermott and Sydney Fee

Coleen Altermott

Coleen Altermott makes math fun for the students! She tries different ways to explain the material so that all the students can understand the concepts. And, she loves Star Wars!  

Students love her and appreciate her spirit.  They will often find her at school-sponsored events cheering on students louder than their own parents.  She is a great team player, shares her ideas with others, recognizes when issues are present and provides solutions rather than simply offering a complaint.

Ms. Altermott works with and alongside her students to make sure they progress through her math courses. She makes herself available to her students.

She is really nice and goes out of her way to help kids who may be falling behind in the coursework. 


Sydney Fee

She has gone above and beyond celebrating the students all year round and cares about all the little things. She works nights and weekends (even with small children at home) to support the ASB and to make sure they get everything done they need to do for events. She is also a super supporter of the PTSA and helps to bring parents and students together! Thank you for all you do Mrs. Fee!

Syndey Fee lives and breaths Bothell spirit.  She is 100% an advocate for students, listens to them, and finds ways to seek and include their voices.  She allows students to lead, make mistakes, and learn from them which is much more authentic than simply telling them what to do and how.  She wears more blue and promotes more Bothell swag than anyone.  When staff members step down from advisor roles or support roles, Sydney steps in to fill them.  Sydney works hard to help staff through the dreaded budgeting process and does her best to share the importance of truly a student-led organization.

Ms. Fee

Golden Acorn Award 2019-2020
Jennifer Spanton

Jennifer did an amazing job orchestrating all of the staff appreciation meals this year! It’s a lot of hard work to coordinate and set up. I believe that she also volunteered as needed for other things that came up. 
Jennifer is always willing to help out whenever needed. She wasn’t sure how she would do with Staff Appreciation, but she nailed it and went above and beyond!  She is always smiling and blessing others by cheering up a room just walking into it.  She puts people at ease and always offers an ear and a hand!
Super cheerful and has great ideas! She’s very organized and prepared. We appreciate all her work for the students and the staff!