Wish List

BHS Wish LIST and BHS Teacher Staff Grants*

The Wish List is used by our staff as a way to communicate their school-related needs. The Emergency Prep Team has needs for the following items:

  • Table
  • Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets

Go to the BHS PTSA Wishlist to view and purchase these items, or contribute to the purchase of various $5 gift cards. You can have the blankets and/or radios sent directly to the school (default mailing address for the wish list) or you can have them sent to your home, or purchased in the case of gift cards, and drop purchased item at the BHS office.

*The BHS PTSA also offers Teacher/Staff Grants. Please fill out GrantFormBHS  and email it to president@bhsptsa.com or turn it into the PTSA box in the main office.

Please contact Stephanie Patrick at steph.l.patrick@gmail.com for questions or information. Thank you for your donation!