There are many ways you can be involved, whether you want to help once or many times. We appreciate everyone’s involvement! We will do our best to find a place for you. Any time you give to the school, you are helping students in an important way.

In addition to the volunteer opportunities below, we currently have some open board positions. See this list for details.

If you’d like to help on campus, please complete the online NSD 2021/2022 volunteer form(s) found here.

Thank you in advance for VOLUNTEERING!

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Junior Event Committee

Contact: President


Plan an event for the Junior Class.  This event will be voted on by the students, and we will ask students to help.  We need someone to run this event and others to help make it happen.  The timing of this event will up to the committee

April 28, 2023
Committee Chair (can be more than one person)
Available Spots
April 28, 2023
Committee Volunteers
Available Spots