Parents of Graduating Seniors

NOTE: POGS is NOT a PTSA-sponsored event.

BOTHELL Grad party tickets on sale NOW!!
When you order early you get first choice of buses…
ride with your friends for your all-night senior party!!!

Tickets are $???… DON’T WAIT

Forms and payment can be given to Mrs. Denny at BHS

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Forms can be found here:

Co-Chair: Tracy Bickhaus
Co-Chair: Leanne Hutcheson
Secretary: Wendy Hosler
Treasurer: Kristi Berry
Ticket Sales: Aimee Hauff
Prizes: Susan Gavaart
Snacks: Kari Galvagno
Yuno Marioni
Transportation: Jodee Shish
Chaperones: Joan Barton
Promotions: OPEN